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Lesson 1: Times Table Rockstars - Please spend 15minutes on this to work on your times tables.

Lesson 2: Maths  (1 hour) - I have recorded videos for both groups, so please follow the sub pages below to complete the work for your group. If you are not sure which group you are in, then please email Mr Roberts.


When completing the work you can either: answer all of the questions and then watch the videos to mark the work and check or you can watch the video and complete the questions at the same time.

Lesson 3: Phonics (30minutes) - Please refer to the document below, where there are some activities for the children to complete. Ensure that they complete the correct activity for their group. Then spend time reading the tricky words before using the link to phonics play below to further practise their phonics.

Lesson 4: English (1hour) - Please follow the instructions below:


1) Look back at your work from Monday where you thought about what you would like to do to contribute to the school to make it a better place. If you want to change it, you will need to do this now before planning your letter.

2) Use the planning sheet below, to draft what you are going to write in your letter tomorrow. Look back at yesterday's English lesson for some help on what your sentences could look like in this letter.

3) REMEMBER - Capital and letters and full stops!

Lesson 5: Reading or NESSY (15minutes) - If your child knows they do NESSY in school, then please email Mr Roberts for login details if they cannot remember them.


If you do not do NESSY, then please choose a book to read. I know it is difficult to read your school book at the minute because they have not been swapped for a long time. However, use this time to read something different - a children's magazine or newspaper, a children's website (BBC Bitesize or newsround do interesting articles), a free reading book you have always wanted to read!

Lesson 6: School Days Quiz - Lets see what knowledge you have gained since starting this project! Run through the questions on the document below and if you struggle with any work, look back through your books to find out or use the internet to help you.

Lesson 7: P.E - Mr Roberts will lead a remote P.E lesson on the TEAMs call with the children in the morning, but if you cannot make this, then please complete a Body Coach workout or a Just Dance workout or even some Yoga!