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Reading for Pleasure

What does 'Reading for Pleasure' look like at Spilsby Primary Academy? 


Our long-term aim at Spilsby Primary is to have a school full of children who CHOOSE to read and developing a love of reading is seen as an essential.


We recognise of the benefits of Reading for Pleasure: socially, academically, emotionally, and economically, and so by teaching our pupils to read well, by making time within the school day to read and embedding a culture of reading, we know we can make a difference to our children’s lives.


Whilst our provision for reading; developing word reading and comprehension through high quality teaching is the priority, developing a love of reading is intertwined with learning to read. This is done through whole-class English lessons, guided reading, independent reading, reading aloud, high quality phonics, and reading in curriculum areas other than English. There is time during every school day for all pupils to read independently, read aloud and be read to.


What does Reading for Pleasure look like at Spilsby Primary Academy?


  • Pupils of all ages are read to everyday. The texts that are shared are high quality texts from a range of genres and authors.
  • Books are attractively displayed everywhere.
  • Teachers inspire their pupils to really want to read a book through a 'getting into the text' session.  
  • Book areas are organised to allow children to get in, easily find a great book and get reading as quickly as possible.
  • Book areas help to encourage readers to choose books they will love and want to read.
  • Sharing book recommendations, verbally or written forms, from all members of the school community.
  • All readers can share and celebrate what they have read or are currently reading.
  • Adults modelling good reading practice, sharing their current and favourite reads with children.
  • Reading displays that promote our love of reading, sharing recommendations and high-quality books.
  • Children can choose to read during playtime and lunchtime. They can access class book areas and/or corridor library areas during this time.
  • We celebrate and promote reading through making links with agencies such as the Scholastic, regular assemblies, celebrating special days (World Book day, National Storytelling Week, Key writers birthdays etc) However, books and reading are promoted and celebrated everyday at Spilsby Primary- not just on special occasions.
  • Connecting with authors, through in person or virtual visits, and by writing to authors or tagging them into tweets. 


Reading Teachers: teachers who read and readers who teach.

All our teachers are both readers and teachers, and share their own experiences of reading with their classes. This enables them to develop stronger readers within their classes. By sharing their own experiences of reading, these teachers made a positive impact on children’s desire to read and on the frequency of reading they undertake at home and at school

In order to further develop our children's love for reading and life skills we have our 100 book challenge. 100 books which the children will LOVE to read throughout their time at Spilsby Primary. Have a look at the booklet- how many have you read?

Have a look at some of our half-termly class readers and other books written by same author.

Have you read a good book? If so, why not take home one of our class book review sketchbooks and leave a recommendation for a friend.

Lunchtime story club: Our KS1/2 children really enjoy listening to lots of different stories. They cover lots of themes like inclusion and hoe characters might be feeling. Looking forward to the children voting for our next book and ticking more books off our 100 book challenge.

Year 6 took part in a virtual author zoom meeting. The author, Sarah Ann Juckes, discussed her new publication ‘The Night Animals’. The children listened to her explaining the places she got her inspiration from, how she stayed resilient when writing became hard and finally the importance of editing; skills that are linked to their own learning in the classroom.

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from an author! Fantastic virtual session with Tom Palmer. Great questions from our children and a real privilege to talk to an actual author! A great experience for everyone; which we even shared with two other schools in our Trust.

Another way in which we promote our love of reading, share recommendations and high-quality books.

Our drop everything and reading sessions are a such a treat on a Friday afternoon. Lovely to see the children using the library, sharing books and recommendations as well as #readingforpleasure All part of our Spilsby mission to build skills for life.