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Makaton Advent Calendar

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Join me each day to learn a Christmas sign through Makaton which is a different way of communicating. Keep practising and we'll have a go all together when we're back!



Log in to TTRS using your login from your reading record and work on this for around 15 minutes. 



Last week we started looking at divisibility and started to understand what a remainder was. We used cubes to work some number sentence out and also started to work out a remainder using an array. Work out the following number sentences in the way you find easiest, either by drawing an array or using objects. There's a reminder video below of how to do an array.                                                                 


If you have a Y1 version of books, please visit the Year 1 page to see what to complete for Maths today.



Arrays with remainders

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Please complete pages 20-24 of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book you have. Read the top part of the page carefully before working through the questions. 


If you have a Year 1 SPAG book, please complete pages 2-5. You do not have to complete these all at once, you may find it easier to have a 5 minute break between each page. 



This week in project we were looking at Roman invention and ingenuity. Have a look through the presentation below and read it carefully. Think back to when we looked at Iron Age invention and ingenuity, can you remember what the words mean?


Once you have read the presentation, choose one invention and one ingenuity to draw in your project book and write few sentences about how they changed the way people lived during Roman rule.