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Lesson 1: Maths

Watch the video and complete the worksheets below. If you cannot print worksheets at home your child can complete the work in their red exercise book.


Subtraction - how many are left? (1)

If your child has been given the CGP Maths Workout Reception Level please follow the link below and complete session 1


Lesson 2 - Phonics

Please note which CGP Phonics book your child has been given and complete the corresponding work below.

Book 3

  • 'y', pages 18 - 19

Book 4

  • 'ar', pages 18 - 19

Book 5

  • 'Writing Tricky Words 2', pages 18 - 19


Lesson 3 - English

This week we are going to be writing riddles - Do you know what a riddle is? 

Here is an example of one below. What could it be describing? Think about the different childhood items we looked at on Monday, which one could it be? 

Now, find an object and hide it behind your back. Use clues to describe your object and see if your parent/carer can guess what it is!



Lesson 4 - Project

Today is the start of our new project, over the next couple of weeks you will learn words and phrases related to the past. You will explore pictures of artefacts to understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time. 


Have a look at the sheet below with all the different words, these words help us describe the past. Today I would like you to choose one or two of the words below and use them in a sentence, think about what you did yesterday or a week ago and then write a simple sentence.


Here is my example to help you.


It was my dad's birthday yesterday and he is now 60 years old.


Can you spot the 2 time words I have used?


Lesson 5 - Spellings

Please watch the video below for this weeks spellings. 


Still image for this video