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If you have the Year 1 CGP Grammar and Punctuation book, please complete the next 2 pages in your book.


If you have the Year 3 or 4 CGP Grammar and Punctuation book, please follow the lesson below.

Apostrophes for contraction


Today we are (we're) going to look at how to use apostrophes for contraction.  Contraction means to make something shorter so using an apostrophe for contraction is making 2 words into 1 word using an apostrophe.  Watch this video:

So the apostrophe replaces any letters that have been missed out when shortening the words and the two words squish into one.


For example:


what has = what's

does not = doesn't

you will = you'll


Sometimes the apostrophe replaces just one letter, others it can replace two or more.


Have a go at pages 50 and 51 of your CGP Grammar and Punctuation book to practise.