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Log in to TTRS using your login from your reading record and work on this for around 15 minutes and read your book for 15 minutes too. 



Todays, after completing the work on the Y6 page under 'Miss Andrews' group', please complete page 16+17 of your targeted question book. Once you have done this, remember to send your work. 


If you have a Y1/3 version of books, please visit the Year 1/3 page to see what to complete for Maths today.



Please complete p10+11 of your Grammar, punctuation and spelling book followed by p18 of your handwriting book. 


If you have been set another book, please complete the next activity in your grammar punctuation and spelling book and your handwriting book. 



This week we are looking at our companion project 'mosaic masters'. Have a look through the presentation below and then have a go at making a mosaic of your own. Mosaics are made up of very small tiles. You could cut up pieces of coloured paper, coloured bits out of newspapers or even magazines and then use these to create your mosaic. If you don't have any glue, have a go at laying them out in place.