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This afternoon, Year 2 looked at erosion by making sea walls from sand and stones to see which material eroded quicker!

Year 2 built up their map skills knowledge by looking at directions using North, East, South and West on a compass. They then had to identify the direction you would travel between different coastal towns and cities around the United Kingdom. Then, the children had to identify physical and human features on a map of Whitby using the key provided.

Year 1 have been learning all about the United Kingdom and how it is a group of islands surrounded by an expansive coastline. The children used maps, atlases and globes to identify the UK and the locations of the bodies of water that surround the UK.

Year 5 have been using a range of maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate minibeasts from around a the world.

Y3 loved using the 'flyover' feature with Google Maps to explore New York City and see all of the famous tourist attractions.

Year 1 and 2 are working together using iPads and knowledge organisers to find out about some important towers in the world 🗼

In Geography, Year 5 used an atlas to create a sketch map of Mexico, which included key geographical features.

In Geography this afternoon, Year 3 looked at maps of Ancient Greece and then labelled their own version with cities and mountains!

Lunchtime learning... Using our new wall map. Discovering where we live, where other countries are and most importantly, at this time of year, where Lapland is and how we would get there!

This afternoon in Geography, Year 3 looked at Fairtrade. They listed some Fairtrade products as well as creating a class definition.

Year 3 explored ‘odd’ foods from around the world this afternoon in geography. They located the origin countries on a map and then used a key to show what foods came from them!

In Geography, Year 5 looked at the locations of cities and towns heavily bombed during World War Two and explored why they were targeted.

Year 3 looked at the journey chocolate and bananas take to get to our local supermarket this afternoon. They used maps and the IPads to find out where the foods started their journey and how they were transported around the world.