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Lesson 1 - Maths

10 minute starter 

Click on the link below to play the teddy numbers game - numbers to 15.


Watch the video and complete the worksheets below. If you cannot print worksheets at home your child can complete the work in their red exercise book.


Tens and ones (1)

Still image for this video
If your child has been given the CGP Maths Workout Reception Level please follow the link below and complete day 1
Lesson 2 - Phonics

Lesson 3 - English

Read the information about transport in the 1950s. Use the sheet below to write a sentence for each picture. If you don't have a printer at home you could draw each picture in your red exercise book and write a sentence underneath. 

Transport in the 1950s

Lesson 4 - History

For todays lesson you are going to have a go at ordering information on a timeline.

Remember a timeline is a display of events, people or objects in chronological order. A timeline can show different periods of time, from a few years to millions of years.


Have a look at the decade word cards below can you spot what they are going up in tens. A decade is a period of ten years. 

Can you work out how much time has passed between the 1950s and the present day?


Next can you have a look at the decade timeline picture cards below, these are photographs of special events that have occurred over the past 70 years. Have a go at reading the date and the special event.


Your job today is to put the decade word cards in order as a timeline starting from 1950 up to 2020 then you need place the decade timeline picture cards on the right decade.

If you cannot print them, then have a go at writing the decade as a subheading in your book and then list the events underneath it. Have a look at my example below.

Lesson 5 - PE

Click the link below and join in with Cosmic yoga for your weekly yoga session.

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