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Firstly, complete the SPaG starter for your year group.

Today, I would like you to finish and edit your Harry Potter character description.  Feel free to look back at yesterday's video to see my WAGOLL example if that would help you.  Remember we are looking for super descriptive sentences with capital letters and full stops, descriptive language and a great use of imagination. 


When you have finished, read it through and think about how you can improve it.  Could you add in a simile or an adjective?  Have you varied your sentence openers so that it is not too repetitive (fronted adverbials, maybe)?  Is all your punctuation correct?


When you are happy that it is the best it can be, you may write it up neatly as a presentation version.  You could use the attached sheet or you can write it up in your book.  Could you draw a picture of your character too?