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Emperors and Empires- Summer Term

What did the Romans ever do for us?

This project teaches children about the history and structure of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, including a detailed exploration of the Romanisation of Britain.

We have been lucky enough to have some Fencing lessons with JB sports this half term and we’re. very excited about this. In the first session we worked with a partner and became familiar with the equipment.


Ask your child: Name 2 ways the body is protected when fencing

Memorable experience: Roman scutum making

We learn what a Roman scutum was and how they were used in the Roman Army and then had a go at making our own. We took them outside and learnt how to march using Latin words and how to form a testudines.


Ask your child: What is the middle of a scutum called and how would it be helpful?

Art: Botanical weaving

3T learnt about weaving and botanical art and combined them. We went outside and used natural materials to weave with, we found it tricky at first but worked in teams to overcome the challenges. 

Ask your child: What is a warp? What is a weft?

Science: Experimenting with shadows

For our ‘Light and Shadow’ companion project, we completed lots of activities on light and how it travels. We experimented making shadows with torches and looked what happened if you moved the torch higher, lower or further away. We also experimented using the sun as a source of light and measured our shadows through the day.


Ask your child: What happened to your shadow as the day went on? Why?