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Innovate Week - 14/03/2022 - 18/03/2022


This week for their innovate task, Year 2R made some board games for their magnificent monarchs project. They had to create playing cards which contained facts about the significant monarchs they have studied and some of the royal residences. Then they worked in small groups to play their board game creations.

09/03/2022 - Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II


This afternoon, the children in 2R explored the reigns of two more significant monarchs in British history. They started by looking at the reign of Queen Victoria and worked together to create a factual document detailing the impacts of her time on the throne. Next, they looked at the life of our current monarch, Elizabeth II and created a diamond nine model to rank some of the Queen's actions from most significant to least significant.

07/03/2022 - Elizabeth I


This afternoon, the children looked at Elizabeth I and considered how she was a significant monarch. They watched some factual videos about her and then read about the actions she took as a young adult and throughout her reign before selecting the impact these actions had. They discovered that she was a very strong, educated and brave sovereign.

04/03/2022 - Henry VIII


Year 2R studied the life of Henry VIII today. They read about some of the key things he did during his reign and had to decide if those actions had a positive or negative impact on the country.

02/03/2022 - William the Conqueror


This afternoon, Year 2R looked at the Battle of Hastings and how William the Conqueror became the King of England and introduced the Feudal System into England. They created their own mini Bayeux Tapestry to show the order of events and then went on to study the different classes people were split into under the reign of William the Conqueror.

23/02/2022 - Royal Residences


This afternoon, the children in Year 2 worked in groups to create some factual posters all about Royal Residences around the United Kingdom. They included castles used by monarchs hundreds of years ago to current palaces where the Queen and the Royal family reside.