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Mindfulness in Reception

The Reception children were so excited to see who has come to stay with us at school....the kindness elves! We can not wait to see what kindness missions are set for us each day so that we can spread the kindness far and wide!

Reception B enjoying Superhero yoga with JB Sports Coaching. We transformed ourselves into superheroes by listening and balancing. Our Hulk faces were particularly impressive!

Reception got a special delivery from Thor Ted. To be super strong like him we needed to eat some fabulous fruit! Using @CosmicKidsYoga mindfulness techniques we used our senses to look at, smell & taste the fruit. We're so proud of ourselves for trying them ALL!

Reception have been visited by Kindness Elves over the last two weeks and have completed lots of kindness missions with Pop & Sparkle. We especially loved helping our community by collecting food & donating it to our local food bank #kindness #EYFS #christmasspirit #RAOK #Communityengagement

The Kindness Elves have visited again with two new kindnesses missions! Pop has one which we can do in school and Sparkle has one for the community. #RAOK #kindnesselves

The Kindness Elves have appeared in Reception as they have heard about how kind we are! They have come to check and help us spread even more kindness. Our first two missions are: 1. To let someone in front of us in the line in school and 2. To give a hug to a loved one at home and tell them that we love them. We will see what missions they will send us tomorrow.

How are you feeling today? Emotion ladder at work in Reception for all children AND staff!

Super feedback from parents and others about our use of the Kindness Elves.

After weeks of practising poses, Reception join in with a whole class yoga session based around the 'a' sound.