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Log in to TTRS using your login from your reading record and work on this for around 15 minutes, followed by reading for 15 minutes. 



Today, first follow and complete the work set on the Y6 page for Miss Andrews' group, then please complete Target Question book page 10 and 11 of your weekly workout book. Remember to send me photos so I can help you check your work. 


If you have a Y1 or Y3 version of books, please visit the Year 1 or Year 3 page to see what to complete for Maths today.



Today is your chance to show off your work from your last few days of home learning. Remember, to be proud of your work like you would in school. Today I would like you t write up your work as one piece, with your own pictures too. Remember to take care with your handwriting.



Have a look at your knowledge organiser and get somebody in your house to have a quiz with you. Take it in turns to ask questions to each other and make a tally, who will be the winner? Hopefully you will now know some of the answers without your KO. There is a copy on the first page if you do not have one.