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Spring Term 1 - Movers and Shakers

What makes a pioneer?

In this project, Year 2 will be sailing with Columbus as he voyages around the world on his travels; they will be launching into space with Neil Armstrong; standing up for woman's rights with Emmeline Pankhurst and fighting for equal rights with Rosa Parks as well as exploring significant individuals in the local area. They will create newspaper reports, setting descriptions and narratives based on their findings as well as creating timelines to show how explorers, activists and other significant others have changed the course of history over the years.

08/02/2022 - Science


This morning, Year 2R carried out an investigation to see how germs spread. First of all they created a mind map to show what they already knew as a class about germs and then worked in groups to carry out simple activities. One person in the group covered their hands in chalk to represent the 'germs' on their hands and they observed over the course of the lesson how the chalk or 'germs' spread so quickly and easily around the children and the items they were using.

01/02/2022 - Maths


This morning, Year 2R started their new unit in maths; Properties of Shapes. They reminded themselves of the names of 2D and 3D shapes and began to describe them based on their properties. They also traced some of their own shapes and sorted everyday items into groups based on their shape.

31/01/2022 - English


Today, Year 2R used their five senses when exploring the outdoor areas in school. They had to think about what they could see, hear, taste, touch and smell whilst wondering around outside. This will help them with their setting descriptions this week!

28/01/2022 - English


This morning, Year 2R spent some time celebrating their work on narratives by sharing their stories with peers. They read their work aloud to their classmates and then offered oral feedback about what they enjoyed in their partner's story.

26/01/2022 - History


This afternoon all of Year 2 worked together to research activists from history. They had to find out what they did, why they did it and what hardships they faced in their lives which made it difficult for them to make a change.

24/01/2022 - History


This afternoon, Year 2R began looking into the life of activist Emmeline Pankhurst. They found out about her achievements as the founder of the Suffragettes and how her actions made a significance to the lives of women in the UK. They then looked at some statements and had to sort them into a column for facts and column for opinions.

21/01/2022 - English


Year 2R have worked hard as journalists this week to write a report about the Apollo 11 mission. They have created drafts of their work, proof read and edited to create a super report about the mission from 1969.

21/01/2022 - Maths


Year 2R started their new unit in maths today of length and height. They started the lesson by looking at rulers and metre sticks and learnt how to use them correctly when measuring things. Next, they looked at different items around the class which they then measured and compared with each other to see which were longer or shorter than others.

19/01/2022 - History


This afternoon, Year 2 worked together to order the life events of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong chronologically. They then compared their explorations with different headings such as: transport, technology, discoveries etc.

19/01/2022 - Computing with Mr Carlton


This morning, the children worked with Mr Carlton and used the Strip Design app on the IPads. They learnt to take pictures and add them to their comic strip as well as add further features such as: speech bubbles and stickers.

12/01/2022 - History


This afternoon, Year 2R and 2B worked together to conduct some research into the significant explorer, Christopher Columbus. They read some information about him, watched a short documentary and then added their findings and knowledge to a large diagram cut out of him. They then compared these across the two groups to see if they had found out the same things!

10/01/2022 - Maths


Year 2R started their new unit of statistics today by creating a class table of data, collecting their own data and generating their own lines of enquiry to ask their peers.

05/01/2022 - History


Year 2R continued their study into significant people from history this afternoon. For this activity, they created a timeline based on when the significant person was born. They had to carefully look at the person's year of birth before ordering the significant figures chronologically on the timeline.

05/01/2022 - History


This afternoon, Year 2R used the 'Diamond 9' ranking system, where they looked at some key significant historical figures and put them into an order of least to most significant in their opinion. They had to justify their choices with reasons from the research they had completed into each person.

04/01/2022 - Launch Event and History


This afternoon, Year 2R launched their new project of Movers and Shakers by exploring the Dawson model, which determines if somebody is considered to be significant. They then moved onto studying local significant person - Sir John Franklin and his voyages and expeditions in discovering the Northwest passage. Finally, the children then sorted some significant historical people into groups for the kind of significant person they were, which included: artist, activist, explorer, monarch or scientist.