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Autumn term



Which significant person lived in Spilsby? Why were they important?

Movers and Shakers (History)


In this project, Year 2 will be sailing with Columbus as he voyages around the world on his travels; they will be launching into space with Neil Armstrong; standing up for woman's rights with Emmeline Pankhurst and fighting for equal rights with Rosa Parks as well as exploring significant individuals in the local area. They will create newspaper reports, biographies, posters and speeches based on their findings as well as creating timelines to show how explorers, activists and other significant others have changed the course of history over the years.


Term 2 Home learning 



This week in English the children have been listening and learning the story of The Storm Whale. The children have really enjoyed and immersed themselves in the story and produce some outstanding pieces, in order to really embed the skills and ensure the children could retell the story the children retold the story to their friend.


Ask your child: to retell the story to you.



Throughout this week the children have been learning all about the basic colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing. The children had lots of opportunities throughout the week to explore primary and secondary colours and how artists use colour in their artwork. The children used this knowledge  to create the secondary colours orange, green and purple by mixing the primary colours red, yellow and blue to create pieces of artwork even Vincent Van Gough and Paul Cezanne would be proud of! 


Ask your child: what do we use the colour wheel for?



This week the children have been learning all the necessary skills needed to understand and prep a healthy meal. The children started the week exploring tools and selecting the appropriate tool for a task and explain their choice. The children then had the opportunity to prepare ingredients by peeling, grating, chopping and slicing. The children then used all these skills and knowledge to prepare a healthy vegetable casserole.


Ask your child: what makes a healthy diet?