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People and Places

People and Places - Art and Design Companion Project


This project teaches children about the genre of figure drawing. They study the figure drawings and urban landscapes of the artist LS Lowry and create artwork in his style to show scenes from their school.

Significant artist (LS Lowry) - 3B did a fantastic job at using LS Lowry as inspiration for their own art pieces. They then drew a figure drawing using LS Lowry for inspiration.

Ask your child - What is a figure drawing?

Drawing figures - 3B started their art companion project by learning what figure drawings are. They then took turns in becoming a model and drawing the figure. They focused on shapes and lines rather than details.

Ask your child - Who is a famous artist that drew simple figure paintings?

Year 3B’s drawings using LS Lowry as inspiration.

Drawing with detail - 3B looked at a presentation focusing on detailed figure drawings. They discussed how this is in contrast to LS Lowry. They then focused on their hands and drew detailed drawings of them.

Ask your child - what is the difference between LS Lowry’s figure drawings and other figure drawings?