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Summer Term 2 - Dynamic Dynasties

Dynamic Dynasties


Welcome to the final project of our academic year. During this project your child will learn about periods of ancient Chinese history. They will have a fantastic memorable experience where they will take part in a drama workshop to learn all about the Shang dynasty. Year 5 will explore the first 5 Chinese dynasties throughout this project and there will be a strong focus on the the Bronze Age Shang Dynasty. The children will learn all about oracle bones, Chinese warfare and the hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty. They will learn about Fu Hao (a great military leader) and will look at significant aspects of life after the Shang Dynasty. 

Dynamic Dynasties Homework

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Dynamic Dynasties Curriculum Over view

Shang Dynasty drama workshop- Year 5 had a great time learning all about the Shang Dynasty through drama.

History- Year 5 explored how bronze was used during the Shang Dynasty times and created posters on the information they had found out

English - The children were inspired by some Chinese folktales and used this to write their own narrative poems recalling the story.

Sky Arts week - Year 5 enjoyed a range of activities over this week including creating their own I movie. Here they are composing a soundscape for the poem called ‘Bamboo and the Turtle’ which they could then add to their movie.

Sky Arts Week- Year 5 created freeze frames based on the different verses of the poem ‘Bamboo and the Turtle.’ They then used these images with their soundscapes to create their I movie.