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Ancient African Civilisations

Year 6 did an in-depth study into the characteristics and importance of an ancient civilisation of Africa. They investigated the people, hierarchy, arts, culture, politics and religion to build an understanding of how the civilisations created a wealthy, powerful society from natural resources, trade and military power. 

Ancient Civilisations

Capture to Plantation

Year 6 investigated the Triangular Slave Trade, how the route ( the first journey) began in Europe and involved the trading of objects in exchange for people in Africa; the second journey, with ships crammed full of enslaved people, the atrocious journey conditions, the auctions and plantations; the third journey, the loaded ships filled with crops from the plantations, sailing back to European be sold for profit. Discussions ensured the children could understand each stage of the journey and use that knowledge to explain the how and why it happened. 
The following activity enabled the children to discuss and record in detail their understanding of the tactics used to capture African people, rebellion, coastal forts, auctions, final destinations. 

Group discussion



Year 6 were given an enquiry question for their class work- What was life like for enslaved African people on a Caribbean plantation. 
After listening to a podcast the children discussed and reflected upon the important facts they had been given: the plantation system, different gangs within the enslaved people and the work set for each gang, authority over the enslaved people, working and living conditions. 
The children worked in small groups to answer the enquiry question and validate the sources of evidence that they had been given.