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Autumn Term - Movers and Shakers

What makes a pioneer?


In this project, Year 2 will be sailing with Columbus as he voyages around the world on his travels; they will be launching into space with Neil Armstrong; standing up for woman's rights with Emmeline Pankhurst and fighting for equal rights with Rosa Parks as well as exploring significant individuals in the local area. They will create newspaper reports, biographies, posters and speeches based on their findings as well as creating timelines to show how explorers, activists and other significant others have changed the course of history over the years.

29.11.22 - Maths


2T were very engaged during our introductory lesson to Properties of Shape today. We began this new unit by sorting 2D and 3D shapes, learning their names and discussing how many sides they have. Some children also compared shapes to everyday objects - ''a cylinder is like a can of beans'', ''a cone is like an ice-cream'', ''a pentagon looks like a house''. What a brilliant start to our new Maths unit! 


5.12.22 - Maths


Today in Maths, we explored how many vertices 2-D shapes have using elastic bands. The children were very engaged in figuring out how many fingers were needed to bring the shapes to life! 

8.12.22 - Still Life (Art companion project)


2T transformed into magnificent artists today, selecting their own objects to produce their own Still Life artwork. We practised our sketching skills, followed by using water colour paints. The children all produced some fantastic pieces, focusing on the composition, foreground and background of their work. Well done!