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Upper Key Stage 2

Great to be part of Into Film Film Festival today. Our Y6 children, together with St Nicholas Primary watched ‘Where is Anne Frank?’ in preparation for their Britain at War project.

Shang Dynasty Workshop


Years 5 and 6 have had fantastic morning in their Shang Dynasty Workshop. 
Katie, who was their instructor, first tested the knowledge that they had learned during their first few weeks of the project. She then set them freeze frame tasks representing the Hierarchy system. This was then used within a quiz, to see how good their listening had been to the new facts given.


The children then worked in small groups, building their freeze frames into actions, then adding sounds and words to portray their scene. The final stage was a performance to bring the timeline of events together across the dynasty. Superb acting skills were shown by all. 

Y6 took part in a ‘Magistrates in the Community presentation. Two real life Magistrate representatives joined the class to deliver an amazing role-play experience for the class. Many children took key roles but all played the part of a Magistrate: listening to and discussing evidence, and deliberating the punishment and compensation. The children asked mature questions and listened intently to all that was being said. A massive well done to them all.

Day 2 at PGL saw year 6 use their sensory skills, face height challenges and practice their rifle aiming skills, finishing the evening with a campfire, story and singsong.

Year 6 have had a great first day at PGL. They’ve shown bravery, resilience, teamwork and pride completing a range of activities. Topping the day off with a corridor picnic and quiz. Looking forward to day 2.

To launch their new project ‘Stargazers’, a planetarium visited school. The children were shown images of the solar system and the order of the planets. They also showed their own knowledge of the planets through discussion of the size, distance and planet composition. They listened closely as details were given about the moons, dwarf planets and constellations seen within our Solar System. Space travel was discussed to give the children a good understanding of why other planets were inhospitable. 

The children will draw upon knowledge learned during this launch event, at different times during this term, and use this to help embed understanding of the facts on the Knowledge Organiser.

Year 5 & 6 began their new project with a drama workshop entitled ‘Poetry and Poppies’ led by West End in Schools. The children performed different scenarios influenced by World War themed poetry. They recited different verses as actions or freeze frames were created and tried to express emotion through facial expressions.

Year 5/6 are working in Unity while holding their BHF Dodgeball Tournament. Remembering the 5 rules- dodge, duck, dip, dive and DODGE!! to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  Each team has come up with their team name, slogan and entrance music. All the children showed great teamwork and sportsmanship, encouraging and supporting whichever team was playing. Sponsorship amounts are starting to come in and the big total will be revealed in assembly.  

Year 5 & 6 joined together to complete a day of activities, fully immersing themselves in their new project Blood Heart.


Following a carousel of activities the children worked scientifically to understand the human circulatory system. They learned where different organs were positioned within the body and how the heart had to send oxygenated blood to these and muscles too. 
Another of the activities involved handling a sheep’s heart: taking part in a dissection and looking internally to identify the different chambers of the heart. Discussions were had to show understanding of how the heart and lungs work together to oxygenate the blood and the direction that blood passes through these chambers. 

The final activity in the carousel was to work artistically and create a 3D model of a human heart: showing the veins and arteries. 

A great Wow Event afternoon of testing forces in year 6. D&T skills to create a Ferris Wheel, loop the loop marble engineering and feeling the effects of forces on the body.

Year 5 and 6 are investigating the forces involved in inflatable games this morning.... and having a fantastic time.

Year 6 have had the best day out at PGL. Great teamwork, using good communication skills and best of all facing those personal challenges

Year 5 and 6 launching their Scream Machine project are using junk materials to make a fairground ride.

Year 5 and 6 had an amazing morning with Simon from Polar Explorers. They demonstrated their own knowledge while having the opportunity to ask questions of a real explorer. The children explored a wide range of activities such as: testing their geographical knowledge and the location of the Poles, scientifically identifying animals who inhabited the regions, identifying hazards associated with polar travel and a final question and answer session.

Year 5 and 6 began their new project ‘Beast Creator’ with a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds-to help develop scientific language and determine how to classify the creatures into specific groups.

Year 5 and 6 began their new project with an afternoon of Egyptian related activities. The first was to research an Egyptian God and it's role. Next was to improve their drawing skills by sketching the God/Goddess and add hieroglyphs to spell their name.   Following this the children researched Canopic Jars and their purpose. They then used different D&T tools and equipment to cut, shape and join their chosen design from air dough. The final activity was to create an impressive Egyptian Pharaoh headdress- with a variety of materials and using their understanding of strengthening and reinforcing structures.

What an amazing day! Year 5 have seen an absolutely brilliant performance of their class book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar in Northampton.

Year 5/6 Hola Mexico Memorable Experience- Making Guacamole, Mexican Food tasting, Mayan Research and hot chocolate.

An amazing wow event for Year 5 and 6 with our VE Day street party this morning.

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The Y5/6 trip to East Kirkby Aviation Museum started with a discussion on life during WWII and how they had to adapt to changes.


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Year 5 are having an amazing wartime Christmas experience at the Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby. Can't wait to see what the afternoon brings.


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What an incredible day Year 5 have had at the We'll Meet Again museum in Freiston!

These 6 children were chosen by the Sergeant and his wife for fantastic manners, enthusiasm and answers throughout the day. They have been given a badge which entitles them to free entry to the museum for life.

Amazing day at the ‘We’ll Meet Again’ homefront museum! The children experienced wartime history brought to life as they experienced rationing, old toys and even marching!

Very poignant 2 minute silence at the Franklin statue this morning with the Spilsby British Legion. Impeccably observed by our year5 and year6 children who then went and visited the cemetery to lay wreaths and crosses on the war graves.

Yard drills, marching and good old fashioned games for our evacuation day!

Wow! What an amazing experience for year 5 and 6 last week! Completely mind-blowing look at our solar system in this amazing planetarium with Starlincs. #memorableexperience

It was great to welcome so many parents and family to join in with our junk modelling session. We drew designs of our ideas and used a variety of recyclable materials to create space themed models!

Two important visitors arrived at school today: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn for our Tudor-themed costume day! The children (and staff) took part in different workshops including exploring weapons and armory, practicing writing with ink and a quill and a dance off.


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Years 5 and 6 had an amazing time at Sundown for their combination of two projects: Frozen I Scream.