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Autumn Term 1- Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


During this project the children will be thinking about our all important question: Where does our food go?


Open wide – let’s take a look inside. We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. Do you have a toothy grin or a winning smile? Take dental impressions and test the effects of sugary substances on your pearly whites. Follow a tasty morsel as it makes its way through your digestive system, helped by some mouthwatering saliva. And don’t forget the importance of good hygiene at both ends. And whilst we’re talking business, could you recognise an animal just by its poo? Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Make a working model of the digestive system and use it to persuade others to eat healthily. Learn how to look after this marvellous belching, squelching, mixture making machine we call our body.


Please encourage your child to look at their knowledge organiser regularly to support their learning

Eggshell experiment

This week, we have set up a Science experiment using eggs. We put eggs into 6 different liquids to see how it affects the eggshell as the eggshell is the closest thing to enamel. We made a prediction and then left them on the windowsill. What do you think will happen? 

Types of teeth

In our Science lesson this week, we have looked at types of teeth. We bit into a polystyrene cup gently to see the imprint of our teeth and labelled them correctly. We have also used this information to help us write our non-chronological reports in English this week.