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Summer Term - Ancient Civilisations

What caused the rise and fall of ancient civilisations?

This project teaches children about the history of three of the world's first ancient civilisations: ancient Sumer, ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley civilisation. Children will learn about the rise, life, achievements and eventual end of each civilisation.


Alongside this, we will be completing four companion projects:


  • Art and Design: Islamic Art - This project teaches children about the features of Islamic art. They make geometric patterns and motifs on paper, with fabric and in clay. They use their learning to create a high relief clay tile, decorated with geometric patterns.


  • Science: Electrical Circuits and Conductors - This project teaches children about electrical appliances and safety. They construct simple series circuits and name their parts and functions, including switches, wires and cells. They investigate electrical conductors and insulators and identify common features of conductors. It also teaches children about programmable devices. They combine their learning to design and make a nightlight.


  • DT: Tomb Builders -  This project teaches children about simple machines, including wheels, axles, inclined planes, pulleys and levers, exploring how they helped ancient builders to lift and move heavy loads.


  • Art and Design: Statues, Statuettes and Figurines - This project teaches children about the 3-D representation of the human form, including statues, statuettes and figurines. They study examples from ancient civilisations, and use their clay skills to create a Sumer-style figurine.


Amazing Home Learning

Look at the fabulous home learning we did based on our Ancient Civilisations project. Such creativity on show and some great research skills too.

Gilgamesh Drama

In English, we have been learning about the ancient Sumerian epic story of Gilgamesh. Today, we acted out the story to create this brilliant bit of drama. Click on the link below to watch it. 

Ask your child to tell you about the story - they are loving learning about this.

Mrs Smith from Lincolnshire Music Service came into school yesterday to start our whole class brass lessons. This will happen every Tuesday for the rest of this term. The children absolutely loved the session and are so excited to be learning the trumpet and trombone. In this first session, they learned how to put the instrument together and make a sound with the mouthpiece. Great work, Year 4.