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British Science Week

During our session with Mr Carlton, year 2 focused on the technology aspect of British Science Week. We used the WeDo Lego app to construct a vehicle and then control it with the app.

The theme this year for British Science Week is ‘Growth’. In Year 1 we made our own seed bombs. We talk about how plants spread their seeds and what they need to grow.

Year 6 began their Science Week investigation today, focusing on ‘ Glorious Mud’ to separate the different particles and see what makes a healthy soil for plants to grow. Patience and perseverance now required to await the results.

Year 2 have been building sculptures from shapes for British Science Week. They had to work with a partner to connect the shapes and think about how to make it strong enough to stand on its own

Year 4 used the brilliant CBBC book 'Incredible Edibles' by Stefan Gates about creating a naked egg! They tried the experiment themselves British Science Week.

For Science Week in Year 2, the children created glitter jars and explored how states of matter can change by holding chocolate in their hands without being tempted to eat it!

Year 5 and 6 had a great British Science Week activity- exploring herd immunity using Jenga blocks. Great discussions, mature questions, sharing knowledge.

Reception C have enjoyed conducting a science experiment for British Science Week. They made their own flitter jars to encourage them to talk about light, shadow and materials. We had some fantastic discussions.

Reception B have been creating flitter bottles during British Science Week to investigate materials, floating, sinking, shadows and reflections. Super predictions & explanations from EYFS & such fun!

A sample of pictures from this mornings Science Fair across the school!