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Autumn Term 1: Rainbow World

"What is at the end of your rainbow?"

We have lots of really exciting topics this year and to start off with RAINBOW WORLD asking the question “What is at the end of your rainbow?”

This will entail learning about how special and unique we are whilst still being part of a school family. We will also learn about who and what is special to us.

The Reception children have been settling into school really well. They have been developing a range of skills through various activities and forming some lovely relationships with peers and adults. 

The Reception children completed a piece of all about me homework, which helped to answer our question of 'what is at the end of your rainbow?'. This homework showed the children's family members, their favourite foods, their favourite activities, plus lots more! The children used their range of vocabulary to show and explain their homework to the rest of the class.


Funky finger activities

The children have been developing their fine motor skills through a range of funky finger activities. 

The children in Reception were very excited to receive a letter and the book, ‘the family book’ written by Todd Parr, from the children at Gipsey Bridge Academy and St Nicholas Academy. We read the book and took it in turns to talk about our own families, realising that everyone is unique. We then drew pictures of our family ready to send to the other schools. 

The Reception children enjoy their yoga lessons. They use a range of body movements and have to use balance and coordination to be able to follow the moves successfully. 

Communication and language

The children have been focusing on their class reader books this term using our communication and language lessons. They have listened to the story and then used colourful semantics and Makaton signs to support them in using a range of vocabulary and full sentences to show their understanding of what they age heard. 

(Books: owl babies and we are going on a bear hunt)

The children have discussed how they are unique and look different to everyone else because we are all special. The children used a mirror to look at their face shape, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and hair length. They then used this information to create some wonderful self-portraits. 

Rainbow creatures

The Reception children were so excited to have a visit from two rainbow creatures sent from the King and Queen of Rainbow Town whilst they are in holiday. They have asked us to take care of their pets whilst they are away. The children had some amazing ideas of how to take good care of the creatures, such as; making them a comfy bed, giving them food and water, brushing their teeth twice, giving them a bath and giving them lots of cuddles to show them love. 

World mental health day

The children wore yellow to school today for World mental health day. We spoke about how it is OK to feel sad sometimes and the importance of talking to someone about our feelings. 

The children in Reception class went on an Autumn walk to our Natureland to see if they could find any items that reminded them of Autumn. We have been speaking a lot about the changes that occur in Autumn. The collection basket will be left outside the gate for the children to add any items to if they find any more on any Autumn walks that they might have with their families. 


Colour walk

In maths, the children have been on a colour walk. They created a tally chart to find out what colours they spotted. The children counted up their tallies and we used the vocabulary 'more' and 'less'. 

The children received a letter along with some instructions and skittle sweets from the King and Queen of Rainbow Town. The children were given instructions of how to conduct a science experiment using the skittles and warm water. The children were asked to make predictions of what they thought might happen and then they tried to explain why the colours had run from the skittles. 

The King and Queen of Rainbow Town asked us to plan a party for them for when they return to their Kingdom. The children used their phonics knowledge and mark marking skills to plan a Rainbow party! The children then used appropriate colours to colour in their work. 

The children ended their topic with a rainbow party! They used their party plans to give them ideas of what decorations to make and what food to prepare, including making some delicious jelly. Whilst making this jelly, the children were able to comment on the changes and the process needed to make it. 

During the party, the children enjoyed dancing together and playing games. We even received a special treat at the end of our party from Rainbow Town!