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Bright Lights Big Cities

What makes Great Britain great?

This project teaches children about the physical and human characteristics of the United Kingdom, including a detailed exploration of the characteristics and features of the capital city, London.

Taxi (DT)

This project teaches children about wheels, axles and chassis and how they work together to make a vehicle move.

Rain and Sunrays (Art)

This project teaches children about collagraph printing, including how to develop a motif to make single and repeated prints.

Exploring collagraphy

Today the children were introduced to the art of collagraphy. They then created their own by creating a collage with textural materials and then used rollers and paints to print. The results were fabulous!!

Seasonal changes (Science)

This project teaches children about the seasons, seasonal changes and typical seasonal weather and events. They learn about measuring the weather and the role of a meteorologist. Children begin to learn about the science of day and night and recognise that the seasons have varying day lengths in the UK.