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Autumn Term 1- Bright Lights, Big City

Would you rather go to London or Rio de Janeiro? Why?


In the Bright Lights, Big City project, your child will take part in a royal garden party and learn about Queen Elizabeth II. They will learn about the countries that make up the United Kingdom, including their location, capital cities and some of their physical and human features. They will have the opportunity to do map work, using compasses and positional and directional language to plan routes around London. They will research the cause and impact of the Great Fire of London and look at some famous London landmarks. They will learn about other capital cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, and compare how they are similar and different to London.


The children will also cover the companion project 'Taxi!' which is a Design & Technology project teaching the children about wheels, axles and chassis and how they work together to make a vehicle move.

Royal Garden Party (10th September 2021)

W/B 6th September- We had a brilliant Memorable Experience Event on 10th September. Lots of activities linked to the queen and he famous Royal Garden Parties culminating in our very own Royal Garden Party Lunch!

W/B 13th September- Look a our outstanding homework projects based on London landmarks

W/B 20th September- Learning how to help Marley the Meerkat pack for all seasons when he visits London

W/B 20th September- In PSHE we have been learning what it is to be a good friend and which actions are friendly and unfriendly. Great teamwork shown in these activities building on those all important relationships.

W/B 27th September 2021- In English we have been planning our narratives based on Marley’s Adventures in London. We have been discussing the features of a narrative ready to complete our own ones next week.

W/B 27th September 2021- We have been role-playing scenarios in PSHE to practise compromising and working out a solution to a problem. We were amazing at this and acted out the scenarios really well and reached a compromise.

W/B 4th October- We have been creating The Great Fire of London scenes in our Art lessons. We used soft pastels and a blending technique to create a fiery scene in the background. Then we cut and stuck a silhouette of a 1666 street scene on top to create an amazing piece of London art!

Friday 8th October- We have been wearing yellow to raise awareness of expressing your feelings for World Mental Health Day. We talked about the importance of talking about your feelings & that it was ok not to be ok. #HelloYellow

W/B 11th October 2021- We had great fun using Bee-Bots to practise giving directions to travel from one landmark in London to another on our London maps.

W/B 11th October 2021- During PSHE the children imagined that they were in the Houses of Parliament and debated whether to be able to go home for lunch or stay at school for lunch. After lots of debating, discussions and re-voting, the unanimous decision was to stay at school for reasons including that the children just love coming to school and to be with their friends!

W/B 18th October 2021- Taxi (companion project)- what a fabulous WOW event, making our taxis, with we had designed earlier in the week, with our families, super teamwork, resilience and resourcefulness shown by all the children (and adults!) throughout the session, as always.