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Spring Term 1- Ancient Civilisation

In this project the children will learn about the history of three of the world’s first ancient civilisations: ancient Sumer, ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley civilisation. Children will learn about the rise, life, achievements and eventual end of each civilisation.


Our big question:  What caused the rise and fall of ancient civilisations?

As always, we had some fantastic creative homework this term across a range of subjects. Many children chose to make Egyptian jewellery or a pyramid.


In Music this week, we've listened to some Sumerian music. We talked about what we liked and disliked, how it made us feel and what similarities and differences it has to music today. We then looked at some of the instruments used and tried to draw them.


First we worked in groups to look at Sumerian artefact pictures and discussed their use. We then worked as a class to read the information needed for the table and found out what they were really used for.

In History, Year 3 have looked at Sumerian inventions. They worked in groups to match the description to the picture card and then we discussed how this helped the civilisation develop.


In English, Year 3 have been looking at a story from another culture. They first watched a video of 'The Epic of Gilgamesh', they then used this to write a character description of him. After that, they acted out the story in groups to remind them of the sequence of the story. Next up, retelling it!


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This week in music, Year 3 have been introduced to crotchet and quavers. We had a go as a class before changing the words to something project based and drawing our own notes to follow. Excellent for a first effort!

Crotchet and quavers #2

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Crotchet and quavers #3

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Year 3 had the most exciting memorable experience! Phil visited us from 'Those history people' and we had a day about all things Egypt! We made bread, made perfume from wax and herbs, made canopic jars, wrote in hieroglyphics, carved soap and wrapped mini mummies! In the afternoon we split into groups to practise for our own part of the festival in the Palace before drinking from goblets and enjoying a banquet. A fantastic day from beginning to end!

In English, we're getting ready to write a set of instructions on how to make a mummy. This morning, we've watched a video and then acted out the process with a partner, thinking carefully about adverbs of time and ways to make our sentences more interesting. 

This afternoon we had a go at using instruments to compose music. We split into groups and worked together before performing to the rest of the class.