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Autumn Term- Maafa


Our 'Big Question'- What should we learn from the past to guide the future? 


In the Maafa project, your child will learn about Africa today and the ancient kingdoms that thrived on the continent for thousands of years. They will learn about the origins of the transatlantic slave trade in the 15th century and Britain’s involvement from the time of Elizabeth I, when John Hawkins became the first British slave trader. Your child will understand the structure of the transatlantic slave trade and the consequences of enslavement for enslaved people. They will also discover how the people of Britain benefited from the money and goods produced by the slave trade. They will learn about the causes and consequences of the abolition of slavery in the 19th century, the worldwide African diaspora and the European colonisation in Africa. They will explore the lives and actions of black people in 20th century Britain. They will understand how the Race Relations Act of 1965 became the first piece of British legislation to tackle racial discrimination and know that the Equality Act 2010 provides people with protection against racism and other forms of discrimination, today. Your child will also explore the lives of black people who have made significant contributions to Britain and will celebrate black culture in Britain today.


Culture Afternoon 


Year 6 participated in a whole school event to celebrate different cultures. Each class in Key Stage Two chose a different country to represent through a range of activities. The children enjoyed  eating French foods, writing in Chinese, enjoying music from Ghana, line dancing from America, and finally taking part in STEM activities as part of German culture. 

Why don’t you ask your child which was their favourite activity and what key information they can remember about the country. Questions could be who is their leader, what is their national bird or flower, what does their flag look like. 

Culture Afternoon

Our Magistrates Court


Year 6 experienced a Magistrates Court in their own classroom today. Two real life Magistrate representatives joined the class to deliver an amazing role-play experience for the class. Many children took key roles but all played the part of a Magistrate: listening to and discussing evidence, and deliberating the punishment and compensation. The children asked mature questions and listened intently to all that was being said. A massive well done to them all. 


Court 1

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Court 2

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