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Spring Term 1 - Movers and Shakers

Which significant person lived in Spilsby? Why were they important?

This project teaches children about historically significant people who have had a major impact on the world. They will learn to use timelines, stories and historical sources to find out about the people featured and use historical models to explore their significance.


Today we have been using puppets to re-enact the moon landing. We thought carefully about what happened and used our knowledge to create a performance. 


This week in gymnastics we have been learning about jumping. We learnt how to jump safely and used the equipment to practise our pike, tuck and star jumps.


Today the children met Jigsaw Jack, the new PSHE teddy who will join them during their weekly PSHE lessons. Jigsaw Jack helps aim to equip the children for happy, healthy lives and to support the children to feel a strong sense of belonging and community.

Today the children explored successes and developed their understanding of what a success is. The children then drew on this knowledge to discuss their individual successes and achievements. The children where then even a success coin to draw their success/achievement, when all the children had drawn on their coins they got to share their success with the class and discuss how they achieved it and how they felt about achieving it.

Religious Education 

In RE this half term we will be learning about the festival of Milad un Nabi which commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. During the lesson the children thought about ‘Why we celebrate our birthdays? and 'How it feels to share a special celebration together?’ The children designed birthday cards to give out throughout the year to their friends. As the term progresses we are going to find out more about a person who is special to Muslims, Muhammad, whose birthday is celebrated during Milad un Nabi.

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