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Companion Project - Inuit


In art this term, year 6 began their companion project studying significant Inuit artists and their artwork. Inuit artwork includes pictures, carvings, sculptures and printing. 


Inuit artists


Year 6 used their knowledge of Inuit carving to create a soap stone 3D model in the style of one of the significant artists . First a template had to be created to cover the soap block, this was then used to create an outline of the Arctic animal. Care then had to be taken to use the different shaping tools and work slowly to avoid mistakes ( large lumps of soap breaking off). Finally the piece was gently carved to ensure smooth lines and animal details. 


Ask your child what materials the Inuit carve from.


Year 6 first watched a video showing the different techniques needed to use a stencil and create a print. They then chose their Arctic animal and carefully used the craft knife to create the outline in the plastic sheet. Care was then taken to lift the animal shape out of the plastic sheet and have a completed template. The children then worked slowly with sponges to dab the paint onto the template and create the full shape. Attention had to be paid to not overloading the template with the paint and creating smudges at the edges. The next step required the template to be cleaned and the process repeated. 



Ask your child to explain the techniques to create a stencil.  


Still image for this video



In this activity, year 6 created their own Arctic animal stencil. Using their new knowledge of how to draw, cut and use their template, they created their own stylised picture ( an exaggeration of colour, pattern or shape). 

My stamp


For the final activity, in the Inuit companion project, year 6 looked at the Enchanted Owl. This famous piece of artwork was recreated into a stamp for the Canadian postal service. With this in mind, the children had to create their own art piece on A4 paper. They had to pay attention to detail and colour and think would all this still be clear when the paper was reduced to the size of a stamp. 


Ask your child to explain the significance of the Enchanted Owl to the Inuit community.