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In this art companion project your child will learn about artistic techniques used in sketching, printmaking and sculpture.  They will learn what ammonite fossils are and use this as inspiration for their art work. The children will use a range of drawing materials to make a series of small scale drawings and will use drawing techniques such as hatching, cross hatching and shading to enhance their drawings. Your child will learn about the Fibonacci pattern and will create a series of thumbnail drawings in their sketchbooks capturing the essence of this pattern. Your child will then learn how to make a two- colour print using tiles. Finally the children will create a 3-D sculpture of an ammonite fossil using air- drying clay. 



Exploring ammonites- 3B used pictures and ammonite fossils for inspiration. They then chose different sections of the fossil to draw using fine liner pens and sketching pencils. The children then learned different techniques and practiced these to be able to enhance their work.

Ask your child- What are the 5 different techniques they could use to enhance their drawings? 

Print it- 3B enjoyed their printing art lesson. The children traced over an ammonite fossil and then used this to create an indent onto their tiles. They then used printing ink to roll over their design before printing their ammonite fossil designs.

Ask your child- What is an ammonite?

Sculpt it- 3B enjoyed using clay to create their own 3D ammonite sculptures.

Ask your child- What sculpting techniques did you use?

3B enjoyed editing pictures of their sculptures. They explored how using different lighting effects can enhance their photography.