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Key Stage 1

What a ROARSOME day Year 2 had Woodside Wildlife Park! Increasing their already wide knowledge & seeing the creatures they have been learning about in the flesh! So #proud of all of them. Thanks to Kayleigh & Sam for the amazing day

Wow! EYFS & KS1 had an amazing time at the theatre watching The Tiger Who Came To Tea. A couple of their 40 things to do before they leave Spilsby ticked off! “It just so real” & “this is the best!” just some of the quotes from our lovely lot.

Year 1 took part in their memorable experience this afternoon, where they visited the local woodland to identify minibeasts in their natural habitat. The children were given magnifying glasses so that they can take a sneaky peek into holes and crevices and nets to sweep beneath the surface of ponds and muddy puddles, then lift stones and logs and clear away leaf litter to see what they can find.

Fantastic launch event for Year 2’s project Wriggle and Crawl. We jumped straight in & were so excited to learn all about minibeasts & microhabitats whilst making sure we were careful, kind & using our #teamwork skills to explore the environment.

To launch our new project Movers and Shakers the children went on a special walk to visit the local monument in Spilsby. The children learnt that this monument was Sir John Franklin the famous explorer who was born in Spilsby.

What an amazing memorable experience for Years 1 and 2! A samba dance carnival to engage them in their Rio de Vida project.

A fantastic WOW event⁩ for Years 1and 2 to showcase their DT skills & celebrate all they’ve learnt in Bright Lights Big City. ⁦⁦⁦⁦Academic & personal skills coming together to proudly show off their knowledge

What a great memorable experience for the children in years 1 and 2 today. Dressed in their best clothes for a Royal Garden Party.

What an amazing day! Treasure hunt! Pirate Stories! Pirate Songs! Awesome Outfits! We love a WOW event for our projects!

Year 1 and 2 are very excited for their beach trip! A fab memorable experience to launch their new project

KS1 launched their new project 'Coastline' by looking at features of a coastline and sorting them into physical and human groups. They also had to create a suitable living environment for some brine shrimp eggs!

Year 2 fully embraced their Victorian Day today. Taking part in drill exercises as well as a strict handwriting lesson using their right hands only! Great way to round off their 'School Days' project

A fantastic Victorian day in KS1! The children started the day singing the National Anthem, then had their fingernail inspection, took part in some drill exercises, did some handwriting and then either made a Victorian toy or a Union Jack flag for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee! Some children found it tricky in handwriting because they were only allowed to use their right hand! Some even had to stand in the corner if their work was not neat enough!

Year 2 enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the fire and making s’mores this afternoon as part of their woodland party!

Year 2 put their knowledge to the test when they used the interactive knowledge organiser in their classroom this afternoon!

As part do their innovate week, Year 2 made some woodland themed decorations for a party they have been invited to!

This morning, Year 2 explored the school grounds in search of different plants, flowers and minibeasts! This was to launch their Enchanted Woodland and Scented Garden projects! They will be writing about this experience in English this week.

A wonderful afternoon making junk model castles with our parents in Y1/Y2. Great resilience, teamwork and knowledge about the parts of the castle. Well done! 🇬🇧

Super food tasting going in KS1. Year 1 made some Brazilian Quindim and Year 2 had a go at making Brazilian Brigadeiros! They followed instructions carefully and then in the week had a go at sequencing and writing their own.

Aquarium visit and sleepover! Such a fabulous opportunity to experience a sleepover in an aquarium for their sand and sails project.

Big thank you to you all at Spilsby Fire Station for spending time with Year 1/2 today to help them learn more about what you do. They loved their afternoon and learnt a lot about our real local heroes, much appreciated!

Year 1 & 2 had a lovely visit to our local florists, Scentiments, this morning. Yesterday they prepared and thought of questions to ask and were given the chance to quiz the florist this morning! #enchantedwoodland #communityengagement #pupilvoice

Y1 and 2 visited the Eco Centre in Skegness to launch their Enchanted Woodland project.