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Spring Term - Sow, Grow and Farm

How does food impact the environment? 

This project teaches children about the features and characteristics of land use in agricultural regions across the world, including a detailed exploration of significant environmental areas.

Our WOW event


This week we have been exploring how natural materials can be used in art. The children used natural materials in the local environment and created a low relief piece of land art. 


Ask your child: What is land art?


We have been learning how to count to 30 in French. Click on the link below to listen to us performing a numbers song. 


Ask your child: Where is France?


This week we have been exploring beat at different tempi and learning a song called Heartbeat. Click on the link below to listen to our performance.


Ask your child: How do you know when the tempo has changed?



This week we have completed our companion project: Line, Light and Shadows. We have explored the work of Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt and practiced a range of shading techniques. We have taken black and white photographs and use pencil, pen and ink wash. For our innovate challenge we had to use our skills to create our own piece of artwork with line, light and shadows. 


Ask you child: What is continuous line drawing?

Home learning


This week we looked at and discussed the content, colour and composition of different still life paintings. We used fruit as inspiration to create our own sketch and then we applied our knowledge of tints, tones and shades to paint our picture. 


Ask your child: How do you make a tint, tone and a shade?


This week in PE we have used all the skills from our dance lessons to create our own dances inspired by different subjects such as the rainforest and under the sea. Take a look at some of our amazing performances. 

Design and Technology 

Today we have been peeling, dicing and grating vegetables. We used the vegetables to cook two different seasonal soups. Once cooked we tasted the soup before filling in an evaluation sheet.


Ask your child: What are the benefits of eating seasonally?

Design and technology 

Today we have been tasting a variety of fruit and vegetables. We evaluated each one and recorded our opinions. We discussed seasonality and how important fruit and vegetables are for keeping our bodies healthy.


Ask your child: What fruit and vegetables are in season in the UK in January?


In science we have been investigating allotment habitats and food chains.  We looked closely at an allotment food web diagram and discussed the plants and animals in the web, using the correct vocabulary, including 'producer', 'consumers' and 'apex predators'. Then we used the food web to indentify a single food chain.


Ask you child: What could happen if a habitat had a living thing removed or introduced?


In science this week we dissected a daffodil. We examined the flower and identified the parts we could see using a flower diagram. 


Ask you child: How do plants reproduce? 


We listened to Brahms’ Lullaby, an arrangement of his well-known lullaby melody. We indentified the instruments and then used untuned percussion to play the different parts. 


Still image for this video

Our home learning