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Trailblazers and Barrier Breakers

Trailblazers and Barrier Breakers

The second art companion project involved year 6 looking at inspirational black artists. The first activity was to research 2 chosen artists and understand their work’s inspiration. Looking into the style and media the artist chose to use and the background story of a particular piece. 
The second activity required a critical eye and a closer look at evaluating art. This included the artists use of colour, light and shadow, tonal range, and dominance of objects. 
The children then chose a piece they wanted to sketch. They used a variety of different art pencils to complete their task and their knowledge of the different aspects of artwork. 

Wow Event- In the style

Year 6 showcased their knowledge of different inspirational black artists at today’s wow event. After studying the artwork and researching the artist, the children used a colour palette and characteristics of the artist to recreate the piece in 3 different styles, clay, paint or pencil sketching. 
To accompany the event the children sang some of the traditional Ghanaian songs they had been rehearsing in their music lessons.