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Summer Term - School Days.

What would you like about going to a Victorian school?

Curriculum overview for Terms 5 and 6

Knowledge organisers

This project teaches children about their own school and locality, both today and in the past. They compare schooling in the Victorian era to their experiences today.

This project teaches children about artwork depicting streets and buildings and focuses on the work of the American pop artist, James Rizzi. They create a 3-D mural based on Rizzi's work.

This project teaches children about sources of food and the preparatory skills of peeling, tearing, slicing, chopping, mashing and grating. They use this knowledge and techniques to design and make a supermarket sandwich according to specific design criteria.

This project teaches children about wild and garden plants by exploring the local environment. They identify and describe the basic parts of plants and observe how they change over time.

This project teaches children about animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates. They identify and describe their common structures, diets, and how animals should be cared for.

Homework: school days

The children could choose from various pieces of homework challenges over the half term:

  • To design a poster to remind children about important actions or messages.
  • To think about the important things that have happened in their lives.
  • To find out facts about Queen Victoria.  

History: school fact file

Today, the children created a fact file about the building and extension of our school over the years. We were able to notice how the bricks slightly differed throughout the school, showing us that they were built during different periods. 

English: poetry

The children are writing their own list poems about our school. We can’t wait to show you the finished pieces! 

Today Year 1 took part in a Victorian school day. They took part in Drill, a Victorian form of exercise that all children participated in at the start of a day. Then they took part in Victorian arithmetic lessons, handwriting using ink fountain pens, reading and Latin. The children experience a Victorian playtime, playing with skipping ropes, hoops and hopscotch. They all have a fantastic, fun time dressed as Victorian children. 

Victorian school day

Victorian school day

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Assembly Performance about Victorian School Days to Year 6.

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Year one for our innovate thought about their experiences of a Victorian School Day and what they have learnt in their history topic. They collated the information and relayed this in an Assembly for Year 6.

Art: Street View - Artwork depicting streets and buildings, focusing on the work of American pop artist James Rizzi. The children created a 3D mural based on Rizzi’s work.

Look at our amazing homework! The children chose one of 3 options; label plant parts, write a recipe for a fruit salad or create a fact file about an animal.