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Autumn Term 2 - Rio de Vida

Would you rather go to London or Rio de Janeiro? Why?

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party in Rio! This half term, we’ll dress up in bright clothes, hang out the bunting and enjoy a carnival party! Afterwards, we’ll write about our carnival experiences, compose carnival poetry, create vibrant dances and play carnival rhythms. We’ll learn to speak some Portuguese (the official language of Brazil), study maps and globes to locate Brazil and decide what it would be like to live there. As we learn more about Brazil, we’ll explore famous legends, follow recipes to make Brazilian carnival treats and scour non-fiction books for fascinating facts.


Create a carnival collage - Art and design

We have been exploring the colours and textures of carnival through paper collage.  We used the skills of tearing and cutting to create paper shapes and textures. 

Making carnival headdresses - Design and technology

We have made colourful headdresses for a samba parade. We selected and use a variety of different materials and explained our choices. 

The story of Jabuti - English

Today we had a special visitor from the Amazon rainforest - a tortoise! We were all very exited to meet our new friend. We listened carefully to the story of Jabuti a tortoise with a magical flute who lives in the rainforest.  After listening to the story we discussed the characters and the events that happened in the book. 

Samba dancing - PE

Today all of Year 1 had a special visitor come into school and teach the children the art of Samba a traditional Brazilian dance. The children copied and remember simple movement patterns, showing awareness of rhythm, they then used these skills to use different parts of the body to create movements, such as stepping, stretching and skipping to move to the Samba beat.

Our carnival memorable experience

On Monday we came to school in our colourful clothes so we could get into the carnival spirit.  We coloured bunting and flags to decorate the classroom.  We also listened to carnival music and joined in by clapping, dancing and moving in time to the music.

Our amazing home learning