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Through the Ages

Which era was the most important for early civilisation?


Through the Ages will contain learning opportunities about three of the earliest periods of British history: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The children will learn all about changes to people and lifestyle caused by ingenuity, invention and technological advancement.


This is a history-based project that enables the children to discover terminology relating to time, and sequence dates to make a timeline. They will explore the changes to people, homes and lifestyle throughout the different periods and investigate examples of prehistoric settlements, monuments, burials and artefacts in detail. They will also study how technology improved over time, including how the discovery of different metals changed the way that people lived.


To accompany the main project, the children will also complete the following companion projects throughout the Autumn term:

  • Animal Nutrition and the Skeletal system in Science
  • Cook Well, Eat Well in Design Technology
  • One Planet, Our World in Geography
  • Contrast and Complement in Art
  • Prehistoric Pots in Art


Knowledge organisers and other important information for these projects are listed below. Please ensure that your child completes at least one piece of home learning for the beginning of each new term - they will receive one house point for each outstanding piece (5 credits!).