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Autumn Term 2 - Rio de Vida!

Would you rather go to London or Rio de Janeiro? Why?


Dancing feet, step to the samba beat. Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. Come join the party down in Rio, keeping the rhythm with your party shaker. Bright colours, patterns and feathers. Can you make a headdress or party mask? Meet magical creatures from Brazil’s myths and legends and create your own too. Be as fancy as you like. Let’s get down to Rio where football is king, and practise our skills on golden beaches. Now we need to plan a celebration with fabulous music and song. Let’s invite parents and friends to come along. Bem-vindo ao Brasil os meus amigos.



The children in year 1 have been looking at the religion Diwali and the meaning behind this religion. The children previously discussed and retold the story of Rama and Sita and why this story is important to Hindus.

Today the children made diva lamps and discussed how Hindus use the lamps to remind them of a special story and to welcome an important visitor to their home during Diwali.



The children in Year 1 listened to and read a range of non-fiction books on the theme of football (the most popular sport in Brazil) and other sports. Then we talked about what they can see, considering the features of these books, such as the contents page, glossary and index. We then discussed the different Olympic games and which ones where their favourites in preparation for drawing and writing a simple sentence to create an information page for a class book.



Today the children in Year 1 learnt all about collages and how a college is an art technique where different materials are layered and stuck down to create artwork. The children created a colourful carnival inspired collage using the skills of tearing and cutting to create paper shapes and textures. They layered and stuck different papers to create interesting effects. As you can see they produced some amazing pieces.

Design and Technology 


The year 1 children made colourful headdresses. They used the skill of selecting and using a variety of different materials, beginning to explain their choices. We measured the size of their heads and made a simple card band to decorate with jewels, feathers, sparkling sequins.



Today we had a special visitor from the Amazon rainforest - a tortoise! We were all very exited to meet our new friend. We listened carefully to the story of Jabuti a tortoise with a magical flute who lives in the rainforest.  After listening to the story we discussed the characters and the events that happened in the book. 

JB Adventures



Samba Dancing


Today all of Year 1 had a special visitor come into school and teach the children the art of Samba a traditional Brazilian dance. The children copied and remember simple movement patterns, showing awareness of rhythm, they then used these skills to use different parts of the body to create movements, such as stepping, stretching and skipping to move to the Samba beat.

Memorable Experience


To kick start our colourful project, Rio de Vida, the children dressed up in their brightest carnival clothes. In the afternoon the children made bunting and decorations for the classroom as well as listening to samba music and watching some video footage of carnivals which take place in Rio. The children have got another memorable experience on Wednesday to look forward too, Samba dancing where the children will learn the skills to carnival dancing!

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