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Forces and Magnets

Forces and Magnets - Science Companion Project


This project teaches children about contact and non-contact forces, including friction and magnetism. They investigate frictional and magnetic forces, and identify parts of a magnet and magnetic materials.

3B learned that a force is pushes or pulls that make something move. They then had picture cards to sort out if it was a push force or a pull force.

Ask your child- Is kicking a football a push or a pull force?

Exploring magnets- This afternoon 3B enjoyed exploring different types of magnets and seeing if they could get the magnets to attract to each other and repel from each other.

Ask your child- What are the two poles called on magnets?

Year 3 enjoyed a science lesson where they learned that magnets have a north and South Pole. They tested which way the poles would have to be to attract to each other and which way they would have to be to repel. They used bar magnets to help them.

Ask your child- When would two magnets attract to each other?

Measuring and exploring frictional forces - 3B enjoyed conducting a science experiment where they tested the frictional force between their shoe and five different surfaces.

Ask your child- If the surface is smooth will there be more or less frictional force?