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Summer Term 1: Mighty Metals

This project explores the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials.


Our big question:  Which force do we rely on the most?

Amazing Home Learning

What wonderful, creative and interesting home learning projects! The children spoke so well about their creations too.


In Science, we have started to investigate the different forces and completed an experiment to see how objects move over surfaces made from different materials. We sent a brick down the slide on different fabrics. We made predictions, timed the results, made sure it was a fair test and came to a conclusion. Great work, scientists!

In English, we have been writing poetry inspired by metals of all different sorts; from shining aluminium, precious gold, molten metals to rusty scrap. Look at how the children have thought so carefully about their vocabulary choices and about the images they create with their words. 

Air Resistance

In Science and DT, we explored air resistance by using the big parachute to help our discussions and understanding. We then experimented by making parachutes out of different materials to see which had the most air resistance. We made predictions and conclusions and thought carefully about the science behind our opinions. 

Year 3 & Year 4 had the most wonderful time at the park this morning looking at forces on playground equipment. Gravity, friction, pushes, pulls and even momentum all discussed and practiced whilst having lots of fun 😊 

Whole Class Brass Lessons

For the whole summer term, Year 4 are so lucky to be learning how to play the trumpet and trombone with Mr Egerton from Lincolnshire Music Service. We are loving seeing our musical skills improving every week; from how to make a sound and how to improve it, to how to read music. This will culminate in an amazing opportunity to play in a virtual concert hosted by the Music Service in July. Very exciting times!

In Art, we learned about what embossing is and how to use different tools to emboss foil.  We created our own designs and then embossed them onto foil trays.  We thought carefully about the tools we used and how it would look in our design.

Non-chronological Reports

In English, we designed our own playgrounds which used various equipment and forces.  From this we then wrote a non-chronological report describing each part of our equipment.  We thought carefully about the features of a non-chronological report and tried to include these in our writing.  We have been so excited and enthusiastic about this piece of work and we all created a brilliant double-page spread to present our amazing work.  Well done, Year 4!