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After School Club



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Monday to Friday 3pm to 5.30pm

Just £6.70 per session (includes a snack)

Reduced price of £2 for the first hour


Please pay for pre-booked sessions in advance

or as soon as possible at the school office.


Our After School Club is run by Mrs Hough and Miss Bamforth.They are also very lucky to have Miss Dawson who comes in voluntry to help them once a week. They have lots of exciting and fun activities planned including a series of fantastic themes.












Why not come and join in with the fun! For more information please ask at the office.


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The children at After school club have had a busy few weeks. They were lucky enough to take part in the bingo the PTFA had organised. Unfortunately none of the children at After school club won but they did have great fun! 

Whenever the weather has been good the children have been outside making the most of it. Some of the children took the small animals and made a story using them. Some of the children have been practising for sports day.

They have made fruit kebabs using a variety of different fruits. Some of them even made repeating patterns using the fruit.

On Tuesday Mrs Roberts invited the children at After school club to go and watch the gymnasts perform. They were brilliant!!

On Wednesday we made chocolate chip cakes. Yummy! There were lots of children at After school club so there were no cakes left for any grown ups smiley.


Getting creative!

Britain's got talent

Spring time!

At after school club this week we have been playing in the snow. We made our very own snowman. We have also made chocolate crispy cakes. They were delicious! 


Some of our new outdoor equipment arrived this week. We were very excited and have enjoyed playing with it. 


Next week, we will be having pancake day early, making valentines cards, chinese lanterns and valentine cupcakes.


Our Christmas party will be held in the school hall. Children are to be collected from the hall. They are welcome to bring party clothes too. 
Over the past two weeks the children at After school club have been busy baking cakes. The children have had a cake sale to raise money for outdoor equipment. They managed to raise £65.  

This week the children have had lots of fun. They have been building indoor dens using cushions and blankets. Some of the children have been making Lego models which have kept them busy. Some of the children helped to make our snacks which were scones. They enjoyed having them with jam and butter. In the creative area the children have started making snowflakes, putting lots of glitter on them and making lots of mess! 


Next week we are baking. We are hoping to have a cake stall in school to raise funds for outdoor equipment. Look out for the letter with more details on which will be going out next week.

Over the past couple of weeks the children have had lots of fun. They have been in the kitchen again this time making chocolate chip muffins and butterfly cakes. They made their own paint using flour,salt, water and food colouring. They then put it in the microwave and watched their paintings grow. This was great fun!! The children also had a DVD night. They chose to watch Harry Potter.

The children have been getting the room ready for their Halloween party!  They have made spooky spiders and some creepy skeletons.

This week we have made our very own shop. We thought of a name and made a sign for it.  We found some things to sell in our shop and gave them prices.We had a treat when Lexi and Deaven gave us a show using some of the things they had made.We have also made play dough.We liked our play dough so much we made some more.We got experimental on Friday and made some rainbow cakes.

We have had a busy week at After school club. We made pizza bread for our snacks and chose our favourite toppings. They were very tasty.  We have also been outside using the outdoor equipment. We had to make a mad dash in because it started to rain!

We have made different lego models which are on display on our 'keep me' shelves.

On Thursday we decided we wanted to make a big chocolate cake. This was really fun especially when we were able to lick the bowl out. We also made fruit kebabs which is one of our favourite things to do at After school club. We had a slice of chocolate cake for snack. It was delicious! Some of us got a bit messy eating it.

We have had a fantastic fews days at After school club. We have been outside everyday enjoying the sun. We went down to the woodland area to see how it had changed since we last saw it. Some of us have been busy doing our homework.