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Years 1 & 2

This morning, Year 2 explored the school grounds in search of different plants, flowers and minibeasts! This was to launch their Enchanted Woodland and Scented Garden projects! They will be writing about this experience in English this week.

A wonderful afternoon making junk model castles with our parents in Y1/Y2. Great resilience, teamwork and knowledge about the parts of the castle. Well done! 🇬🇧

Super food tasting going in KS1. Year 1 made some Brazilian Quindim and Year 2 had a go at making Brazilian Brigadeiros! They followed instructions carefully and then in the week had a go at sequencing and writing their own.

Aquarium visit and sleepover! Such a fabulous opportunity to experience a sleepover in an aquarium for their sand and sails project.

Big thank you to you all at Spilsby Fire Station for spending time with Year 1/2 today to help them learn more about what you do. They loved their afternoon and learnt a lot about our real local heroes, much appreciated!

Year 1 & 2 had a lovely visit to our local florists, Scentiments, this morning. Yesterday they prepared and thought of questions to ask and were given the chance to quiz the florist this morning! #enchantedwoodland #communityengagement #pupilvoice

Y1 and 2 visited the Eco Centre in Skegness to launch their Enchanted Woodland project.