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Home Learning Summer Term 2


Please follow the subpage link below to see the learning documents for the Summer Term 2, week beginning Monday 1st June 2020.

Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Tab




I hope that you are all keeping safe and enjoying spending time together as a family. On this page, you will find some home learning activities and links to various websites, which contain presentations and helpful videos for you to work through remotely.


I will explain each section below:


 - Knowledge Organisers - these are the two organisers for the summer term projects. They will be extremely useful when working through the project work in the home learning tabs. I am also creating some quiz videos that you can have a go at to see what you can remember from the knowledge organisers. I will also be doing some quiz questions for the projects we have already completed this year. 


 - Home Learning Blocks - these will be added fortnightly to this page and I will add the date from which they start to each block. There will typically be a document which contains some activity ideas linked to the project. There will also be a document containing useful links to websites, which support with project knowledge. I will also try and attach a maths activity in this section too, this will be in addition to the maths learning further down the page and will often be an activity, which involves problem solving and utilising knowledge they have already been taught.


 - Maths Learning - In this section, there is a link to a website, which closely links to the maths curriculum we use in school. Please follow the link and follow the presentations, videos and worksheets in date order.


I will also be adding some extra videos to this section to remind children of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) along with some questions to answer. It is important that the children do not lose this knowledge as the four operations are used in all areas of maths.


If you go to Miss Tuplin for maths, then it would be a good idea to have a go at some of the activities on her home learning page to support your learning in maths.


 - Science - In this section, there is a link to a website, which provides some exciting science lessons and investigations to be completed at home. There is a terms worth of lessons, so I would recommend completing one per week.


 - Spellings - There is a document showing the list of statutory words for Year 3 and 4. Please follow the advice I have given with the section in terms of using the words in the document.


 - Extra resources - In this section, there are some documents and links to further support you with this time at home.


I will continue to update this page regularly but I will be checking my emails daily (Monday to Friday) so please feel free to email with any queries, but also just to say hello and show me all of the things you are getting up to at home!


Please use this time to work as a family and support each other through this very surreal time! Play games together, bake together, eat dinner together and make time to do all the things you wish you could do 'if you had more time'.


I am missing seeing you all and hopefully it won't be too long before we're back at school and continuing our journey through Year 3!


Be kind, stay safe and remember to smile!


Mr Roberts  


Home Learning Block Five

W.B. Monday 18th May 2020


For this week, please have a look at the list below:


 - English: It is a reading task this week all about 'Pocahontas' so please read the document and use the videos on the 'English Tasks' sub page for more information.


 - Project: You should now have completed the two 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' Quizzes on the video resource centre. So this week, I would like you to have a look at all the other quizzes for previous projects I have done on there to recap your knowledge from the year. Also use this time to have a look at the 'Blue Abyss' knowledge organiser, as this will be the next project after what would have been half term.   


 - Maths: Please keep referring to the link to the 'Summer Term' maths link. It is clearly labelled on the website of what to do on which day. Remember there are also the four operations questions to keep referring to along with the videos I recorded showing the methods.


 - Science: You should now be up to Lesson 5 of this block of lessons.



Home Learning Block Four

W.B. Monday 4th May 2020


Please find below details of the work set for the next two weeks:


 - English - please read the home learning document to find out what this work is and use the sub-page to access the help sheets for writing.


If you wish to email your finished work to me use this email:


 - Project - For the next two weeks I will be uploading some videos where I will be conducting a quiz based on the knowledge organiser for Burps, Bottoms and Bile. The first quiz will be uploaded on Friday 8th May 2020 and the second on Friday 15th May 2020. Use this time to look at the knowledge organisers and get somebody to test you on the facts so you are ready to be quizzed!


Please see the sub-page for Quizzes above. 


 - Maths - Please continue to use the link called 'Summer Term Maths' to continue the daily lessons on there. Additionally, make use of the four operations videos I have uploaded along with the questions work books.


 - Science - You should now be ready to complete Lesson 3 on this link.



Home Learning Block Four

Home Learning Block Three

W.B. Monday 20th April 2020


Please see below some ideas for activities to be completed at home. There is a document containing activities, which continue to be linked to the 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' project. Additionally, there is another document, which contains a maths activity. Please make use of the 'Useful Stuff' document, which has lots of links to websites to support the learning for this project. Any issues then please contact me using the email link at the bottom of this page.  

Home Learning Block Two

W.B. Monday 6th April 2020


Please find below some activities, which are based on what was the planned fifth project of the academic year, 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'. This is a project all about the digestive system in humans and animals. Obviously, the children have received no input into this project so it would be a good idea to spend some time using the knowledge organiser at the top of this page as well as using some of the links to websites on the 'Useful Stuff' document attached.  There are two English and two project themed activities on the home learning document  as well as a separate document, which contains a maths activity.

Home Learning Block One

W.B. Monday 23rd March 2020


Please find below some activities, which are based on the current learning project of Road Trip USA! There are two English and two project themed activities as well as a separate document, which contains a maths activity.

Maths Learning


In addition to the maths activity set in the home learning tabs, there is a link below for work on fractions.


'Summer Term Maths'

W.B. Monday 23rd April 2020


 You will find some online videos and activities for a lesson each day. Additionally, you can look back at previous weeks work if you notice any gaps in basic understanding for fractions. There are already two weeks of lessons on there for fractions and this will continue to be updated as we move through the term.

Science - Term 5


On the link below, you will find a unit of science work all to do with 'Light'. Please can you complete one lesson per week, following the presentation slides throughout and completing the activities as best you can when prompted.



Please find below a list of the statutory words for Year 3 and 4. These are extremely helpful when doing pieces of writing as well as understanding their definitions when reading texts.


You could run down the list of words picking 5 at the start of the week and then testing your spelling of them at the end of the week. REMEMBER it is also important to understand what the words mean as well as being able to spell them.

Extra Resources


Please find below some additional home learning packs to support with extra activities that can be completed during this time.

PE Resources

Mr Roberts