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Year 1

Year one and Reception had a very special visitor this afternoon. Pauline from Skegness Sub Aqua Club came to tell us all about what it is like to be a diver and what equipment we would need. She brought some very special pictures which she had taken from under the sea and even let us try on some of her equipment. We learnt lots of things and had a great time. Thank you Pauline!
Father Peter came to talk to us about Baptism on Tuesday 13th May.  He showed us some of the special things to do with Baptism and answered lots of our questions.  Thank you, Father Peter!

Father Peter's talk on Baptism

Father Peter's talk on Baptism 1
On Wednesday 7th May the whole of Key Stage 1 went to the Deep and had an amazing time!  Here are some photos of Year 1's day.

The Deep!

The Deep! 1 We loved looking at the sea creatures!
The Deep! 2
The Deep! 3
The Deep! 4 Look at this Mrs Jeffery!
The Deep! 5
The Deep! 6
The Deep! 7
The Deep! 8 In the tunnel
The Deep! 9 Story time with Mrs Parr
The Deep! 10 Making an undersea garden treasure hunt
The Deep! 11 Observational drawings of shells
The Deep! 12
The Deep! 13 We can hear the sea!
The Deep! 14
The Deep! 15
The Deep! 16
The Deep! 17
The Deep! 18 Our lovely class!
Picture 1

smiley Welcome to Year 1! smiley


Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Parr are very excited to be joining the Year 1 team and are looking forward to a really successful term.


Keep checking here to see some of the fabulous things we do in Year 1.




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