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Bronze Age Burials - 09/05/2019


Today, we looked at pictures of bronze age burial sites to try and find out what items were buried with people. We discovered that weapons and tools were buried with people so that they may be used in the afterlife for hunting or farming purposes. Jewellery and other valuable or sentimental possessions were also buried with that person so that they could have a wealthy and prosperous time in the afterlife.


We drew pictures of items and made labels of what they are, why they are important and what they could be used for, and placed them around our friend 'Bob'.

Bronze Age Burials - 09/05/2019

Writing an ADVENTURE story - 03/05/2019


This week, we used the text Stig of the Dump text to inspire our writing. We read the first chapter as a class, then individually predicted what may happen next in the story. We planned, drafted and wrote the middle-section of our story describing the exciting events that occur prior to Stig and Barney (the main character) becoming best friends. Afterwards, we published the writing using Google Docs on the ipads, or neatly presented the writing with a relevant picture.

Adventure Story - 03/05/2019

Weaving Baskets - 01/05/2019


Today, we made woven baskets out of strips of card. Weaving was used in the Stone Age to make fences or gates out of bendy willow branches, so we tried to follow instructions to practise this activity. This was more difficult than expected once the initial stages of weaving had begun, and really tested the fine motor skills in our hands and fingers.

Neolithic Art Sketches - 29/04/2019


Draw a sketch of neolithic art dating back to the stone age. The items/vases/paintings that were sketched were over 4000 years old!

Write a recount about the Flag Fen trip - 29/04/2019)


Write a recount in chronological order describing the events during the Flag Fen Trip. Starting with the bus journey and then continuing through the events of the day such as:

creating a timeline,

Identifying objects in a basket,

Discussing the use of willow trees and reeds for medicines, weaving, creating objects etc,

seeing boats carved from axes that were used in 4000-6000BC,

Sitting inside a roundhouse and listening to an exciting story.


Write a recount about the Flag Fen trip - 26/04/2019

Flag Fen historical education visit


Year 3/4 were very lucky to visit a Bronze Age site today. They had the opportunity to observe and handle original artefacts from the time period as well as observe the famous causeway, which dates back 3500 years. They also made their own versions of patterned pots similar to those made during the Bronze Age and finally they sat in a replica roundhouse, with a fire, whilst listening to a story.

Trip to Flag Fen historical site - Peterborough