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Tribal Tales

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08/05/2019 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 3 created some Iron Age themed jewellery using clay and metallic paint. They started by looking at existing jewellery from the time period and then used different tools and skills to create their end product.

07/05/2019 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 studied different monuments and pieces of art created during the Bronze Age and looked at how important they were to the societies at the time. They created their own monuments in the nature land area at school and used torches or the sun to see what shadows were cast in the light.

01/05/2019 - Geography and History


Year 3 had a very busy afternoon, as they used the internet to research the Stone Age way of life including: food, settlements and clothing, as well as looking at how farming changed over the time period. They had to look at how humans went from being nomadic during the time period to being well established farmers who could, harvest crops as well as irrigate the land using tools and animals.

Memorable Experience - Flag Fen Trip


Year 3 had a super day at the Bronze Age site near Peterborough. They had the chance to create their own replicas of pots similar to those made during the Bronze Age. They also became field archaeologists and had to sort different artefacts into the different time periods, from Stone Age through to the Romans. During the afternoon, they had a guided tour of the entire site and observed a boat discovered in the original dig which dated back 3500years and they also saw the original causeway built during the Bronze Age. They finished the trip with a visit to a replica roundhouse and listened to a story, as they sat around the fire.