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Traders and Raiders

Science Experiment - Shadows! - 16/07/2019

The Battle of Ashdown - 05/07/2019


Today we used the shields and weapons that we have made throughout the topic to reenact the famous battle of Ashdown between Aethelred/Alfred's army from Wessex, and Halfdan/Bagsecg's Viking army. 


According to the story, Alfred spotted the Viking army and used the blowing horn to signal his army to approach. Aethelred decided to pray to his God before fighting the Vikings whereas Alfred wanted to attack them straight away so they had an element of surprise. 


Alfred's army attacked the Vikings, and were later helped by Aethelred's army flanking from the side. They won a decisive victory, with very few Vikings surviving the retreat.

The Battle of Ashdown - 05/07/2019

WOW event - Traders and Raiders - 03/07/2019


Today we held the final Y3/4 WOW event for the 2018/2019 year.

To complete the Traders and Raiders topic, we had multiple activities running across the two classrooms and outside areas with parents to help.


We made Viking/Saxon weaponry out of cardboard, such as axes, swords, daggers, maces and a flail!

We painted and decorated them when we finished.

Secondly, we made Anglo-Saxon style beads using clay and decorated with patterns. We joined them together using string to make bracelets, necklaces, rings.

We also used paint, stencils and print blocks to display Norse runes on pieces of cloth (the alphabet the Norsemen used to communicate in Scandinavia)

There was a final activity to cut out and fashion together a Viking longship in the style of origami. This was proven difficult by both the children and the parents, but an enjoyable team exercise.



Year 3/4 WOW event - Traders and Raiders - 03/07/2019

Creating a Character Profile for King Alfred - 28/06/2019


We had a fun, class task today where we looked through all the information we have learned in the week and created a giant profile all about King Alfred.

We included information such as: 

Key facts

Descriptive sentences/phrases

Pictures of Alfred the Great.


We then hot-seated King Alfred! Asking lots of relevant, interesting questions that we have learned the answers too.


A character profile for King Alfred - 28/06/2019

Drawing a storyboard for the Sword in the Stone - 19/06/2019


Today we listened to the story of Arthur and the Sword in the Stone and picked out the key points. We then drew a picture of each key point so we could see the progression of the story.


We also added in anything magical or unique that would make our story more interesting.

Creating a storyboard for The Sword in the Stone - 19/06/2019

Locating Saxon Shore Forts - 17/06/2019


To learn more about the Anglo-Saxon fortifications against the Vikings, we researched the military installations that helped drive the Vikings away from England.


They all had old English names, and were located around the south-east coast of England.

Locating Saxon Shore Forts - 17/06/2019

Life of an Anglo-Saxon - 21/06/2019


To kick off the Traders and Raiders topic, we decided to look into the life of an Anglo-Saxon to discover more about their diets, buildings, weaponry, jobs etc. We presented the information we found on a poster, and decorated with pictures.

Life of an Anglo-Saxon - 21/06/2019