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Term 5 Under The Sea

Welcome back to Summer Term 1. This term we are very excited to be learning all about our new topic  'Under The Sea'. We will be doing lots of exciting activities and are going on a class trip to The Deep. For further information on our current plans please seem our latest class newsletter.

The children have decided that they would like our investgation area this term to be based around an Aquarium. We have been busy creating a notice board with lots of different information including price lists and opening times.

Today two sparkly tanks appeared in the aquarium and the children had to work in pairs to describe what they could feel in the tank. This activity was lots of fun and it was really interesting to see what different sea creatures we had described.

What's in the tank?

What's in the tank? 1
What's in the tank? 2
What's in the tank? 3
What's in the tank? 4
What's in the tank? 5
What's in the tank? 6

Our new class friends - Goldie and Poppy

Our new class friends - Goldie and Poppy 1
Our new class friends - Goldie and Poppy 2
Both children and staff are very excited to welcome two new special friends to our classroom. The children decided to call our new class pets Goldie and Poppy and are really enjoying finding out how to look after fish and have even began to read them stories.