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Term 4 Topic Time to Grow

Welcome to Reception Colin

We are very excited about our new topic in Reception. We are going to be looking at how things grow and having a go at growing some vegetables and plants in our classroom and outdoor area. We will be looking at all the changes which start to happen as we move into spring and we will be recording these so watch this space for our latest findings.

To help us learn more about growing Colin the grass head has joined our class. We are very excited to see what will happen to Colin over the coming days.

An update on Colin. On Tuesday when we arrived at school something very exciting had happened over night. Colin had sprouted some hair! The children have loved watching Colin everyday and have made sure he was watered and was in the sunlight hoping his hair would start to grow. Roxanne even told Colin a story in the hope his hair would grow. 

We are very excited to see how much it grows next week in the hope we can start doing some hair styles!

Colin's new hair

We have been busy watching Colin and cannot believe how much his hair has grown. We decided that we would use some of our maths skills to estimate how long we thougt Colin's hair was. We thought really carefully about is and thought about what things we could measure with. Our estimations ranged from 2cm to 10cm. We decided we would use a ruler to measure the height of Colin's hair and we discovered it was in fact 4cm high! We thought this was too long so we halved the length of his hair and cut it so that it was 2cm high. Colin loved having his hair cut and we enjoyed measuring it too.