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Summer Term 2: Blue Abyss

Blue Abyss

What is it like to be a deep sea diver?


This term our Science-based project is called Blue Abyss. We’ll be learning all about the underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures.  Our big question is 'What is it like to be a deep sea diver?'


We’ll be looking at what real divers get up to below the surface and find out what they can see.  We will learn about the seas and oceans of the world (and environmental issues which affect them), living things and their habitats, and how living things adapt to the environment they live in.

Sports Day

Excellent resilience and sportsmanship for all of Year 3 in Sports Day. 

Amazing Home Learning

Plastic Pollution

In Science Year 3 looked at how plastic is polluting the oceans and how the environment is posing a risk to life for living things. They looked at how sealife is being affected and completed a sorting activity of how a straw can get from picnic to plate. Year 3 were shocked at how much plastic is in the ocean and it's really made them think about what they can do to help. They then looked at the 5 Rs: reduce, rethink, reuse, refuse and recycle and chose one to make a poster on.


During computing, Mr Carlton taught us how to make a game on Scratch. We picked underwater characters and then had to program them by creating an algorithm. We were also taught about debugging which is when an algorithm needs changing.


In Art, we have been drawing whale eyes using pictures for inspiration. We used a preferred medium to create our piece of artwork.